Where to find us

In the Albergue Das Animas

C/ Campo Bajo 3  24524 Ambasmestas - León - España


We are

  • Hallo, my name is Ulrich Schnepf
Born: 1959, and young remained (at least in the Spirit)
Married since: 2004, with Sabine
I'm proud of:

our children: Melanie, Dominic, Vanessa, Rebecca, Barbara,

as well as daugther-in-law and sons-in-law

In addition proud of:

our grandchildren: Melinda, Liam, Lenny, Jonathan, Johanna, Noah


Retail salesperson, Master craftsman,

Technical economic manager,

Quality Management auditor

My fortitude

to organize, structured working, Leadership qualities,

positive thinking, reliability, duteousness

My preferences:

everything which has to do with cooking, being a good host,

to pilgrimage, to hike, the mountains and the sea

  • Hallo, my name is Sabine Schnepf
Born: 1959
Married since: 2004, with Ulrich
I like:

our children: Barbara, Melanie, Dominic, Vanessa, Rebecca

grandchildren: Melinda, Liam, Lenny, Jonathan, Johanna, Noah

Education: Industrial manager
My fortitude: reliability, duteouness, positive thinking
My prferences:

I like the nature, to read, to knit socks, to hike,

the montains and the sea

That's what we stand for

We're overwhelmed by the presence of globalization, time, silence and authenticity became the real precious goods of today's life.



If luxury means to dare for something you can't have but all the rules and structures define and limit our daily routines, then having free time is the real luxury.



Where to find silence nowadays? We don't find it in the production, in office, while shopping and not in the most restaurants. Even a walk in the nature is overshadowed by all the noise around.

So getting rid of those immissions is luxury on it's own.



But not only abstract values stand for luxury.

Crafts, local trades and selfmade goods became important in a time where discounters and supermarkets try to achieve higher market shares regardless of the side-effects. Purity and tradition indicate this authenticity.

This means authenticity is a luxury as well.



Dispensation as a piece of luxury


Luxury can't be measured only on monetary facts in a time where luxury is a fuzzy, not well defined term and to strive for higher targets became our daily companion.

So everyone defines it's luxury individually and differently, the poor might say it's a daily meal, the rich tend to a high balance and a residence at the lakeside.

So luxury isn't a bad thing, we all want luxury, everyone on his own way. Oscar Wild said:

" i'm a modest man, I just want to have the best". But the best doesn't mean the most expensive, luxury has to be authentic without red herrings.